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Nicole. Texan. Born on Jul. 28, 1992. Culinary Arts degree.
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Oct 10 '13

The folks at the Unitarian Church were cool enough to let me build a shrine to Bast next to their pond. I’m proud of it. I had a really nice little dedication and offered mint oil and lavender and some malachite, rose quartz, a pyrite sun, and a citrine cluster. The groundskeeper is going to plant some nice herbs and flowers around it (he and I already agreed on catnip, valerian, lavender, and marjoram), and I was thinking of finding a basket I can hang on the fence next to the shrine to put fruit and cut flowers in.

I bought and assembled the bricks its made of myself (along with the stepping stone I used for a kneeling spot), and then used a slab of sandstone the church had laying around for the top. Then I bought thingies to hang the pretty lanterns from (they sag over in the pictures but I reinforced them with stakes the next day).

I love the little cave bit especially to like set offerings inside (also in the hopes one of the stray cats that lives in the church’s prairie land will use it for a shelter). The little cat windchime in the second to last picture is so sweet, too. I’m glad to finally have this built, after maybe a year and a half of putting it off even though it was one of the first things She asked me to do. I can’t wait to see how people react to it and what it means for the whole spirit of the church and the pagans that go there.

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    Thanks for the link; I’ll pitch it to the council at the church.
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    Maybe one of these would also be good if there are stray cats around?